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RPA: A Proven Solution to Combat Portal Fatigue

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What's in the eBook?

The global market size of RPA is predicted to reach $3.11 billion by 2025.* And for good reason — many of today’s companies are losing time, money and resources associated with the manual retrieval of customer orders and invoices from portals. Fortunately, there’s a way out.

In this 11-page eBook, we explore how offloading routine and repetitive tasks to bots translates to significant business benefits. Topics include:

  • The difference between RPA & AI & how they can work together
  • Essential characteristics, functions & benefits of an RPA bot
  • Examples of how an RPA-driven portal environment works

Strategic benefits of order management automation:

  • Lower operating costs 
  • Improved scalability
  • Better customer experience
  • Increased collaboration