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Making the most out of fax virtualisation

With boardless technology

What's in the Whitepaper?

Why Business Need Fax Virtualisation
As more and more organisations automate business processes with solutions like fax servers, mountains of paper are replaced by a sea of data and an ever-increasing number of machines to handle the data. The resulting explosion of hardware and digital information can create operational nightmares for business managers and IT professionals alike.

  • Where do you store all of the data?
  • How do you back it up?
  • How can you achieve green objectives with so many computers that need to be powered and maintained?
  • What happens if a critical server goes down?

To address the expense and inefficiency of traditional faxing, Esker server solutions such as Esker DeliveryWare, Esker Fax, Esker Fax for Notes and VSI-FAX leverage boardless fax technology and virtual machine software environments — offering compelling cost and administration time savings by:

  • Seamlessly integrating with existing Voice over IP systems
  • Streamlining enterprise IT resources § Consolidating network infrastructure
  • Increasing hardware flexibility
  • Minimising your carbon footprint

This white paper explores the reasons why organisations are embracing fax virtualisation as part of their IP strategies — and how they benefit from the technology.