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e-Invoicing in Australia in now live

What do you need to know today?

Moving to e-invoicing is no longer an option for businesses, it is becoming an obligation. Propelled by the goal of preventing tax evasion, mandatory e-invoicing legislation is on the rise globally, driving the transition from paper to electronic invoicing and archiving.

The journey of e-invoicing in Australia started back in early 2015 when the Australian Government, through the Australian Taxation Office, was seeking a consultant to provide recommendations in relation to an implementation model for e-invoicing in Australia. Following a report from the above mentioned Bruno Koch, his recommendations led to the creation of the Digital Business Council to “support and facilitate the open exchange of digital transactions in Australia”.

Since the beginning of 2020, more service providers are getting accredited, including Esker (Esker is already accredited for PEPPOL in Europe and Singapore) in order to support the adoption of PEPPOL e-invoicing in Australian and New Zealand.

That’s great, e-invoicing via PEPPOL is now live in Australia! But what do you need to know today? We invite you to download this report to learn more.