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Sending Postal Mail As A Service In An ERP Environment

Why on-demand automation is a win-win solution for any company and its customers

Businesses must be adept at facing challenges in today’s highly competitive marketplace. But there are some problems that, no matter how solid the improvement strategy, always seem irreparable. Take the paradox of business mail: Despite advancements in electronic media and investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, postal mail remains widely used. In fact, after two decades of computerising the workplace, businesses are still reporting a rise in the number of paper documents they send and receive because many customers prefer to receive their invoices and purchase orders via postal mail.

This white paper aims to shed some much-needed light on the subject by exploring the challenges of
running an internal mail room as well as the benefits of outsourcing mailing activities. More specifically,
you will discover how using an intelligent platform that automates every phase of processing and every
type of document delivery enables businesses to mail their documents directly from an ERP system
through a hosted, pay-as-you-go solution. By eliminating the need for large mail equipment expenditures,
businesses can then make better use of IT resources and benefit from:

  • Automated delivery of business mail as it’s generated
  • Significant cost savings compared with conventional mail processes
  • 24/7 operational continuity and visibility
  • Reduced IT infrastructure complexity and support burden
  • A flexible alternative to costly mail houses

Above all, this white paper is designed to help CEOs, CFOs, CIOs and facility managers learn, plan and
evaluate the undeniable upside of outsourcing mail room activities.