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How to Reduce the Time, Effort and Cost of Processing Your Orders with an AI-Driven Order Management Solution

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Download this webinar to discover how one of the UK's leading full-service wine and spirits companies benefitted from automating their order process though the use of AI-driven solutions.

Enotria&Coe were manually processing over 7,500 orders per month leading to highly labour intensive workloads that were very time consuming and costly due to high volumes of data input errors.

The decision was made to automate this process and enable a much more efficient way of reading, capturing and routing information into and around the organisation, without any manual intervention having a negative impact on the business.

•    How easily you can minimise data input errors, speeding up the order process to achieve cost savings of up to 70%.
•    How productivity, visibility and analysis of orders can be improved throughout the process.
•    How to deliver a superior customer experience.