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Developing Harmonious & Symbiotic Business Ecosystems is Essential for Recovery

Executive Insight by Emmanuel Oliver, Esker Worldwide Chief Operating Officer

People the whole world over are currently asking themselves the same questions: How do we overcome the negative impacts of this pandemic and what can be done to build a sustainable and more resilient world?
One approach can be found as far back as Ancient Greece: as Aristotle declared, “a common danger unites even the bitterest enemies”. Centuries later, the dangers have changed somewhat, but the need for solidarity remains.

A commitment to collaboration is crucial not only when it comes to public health, but also on the economic front. This means that we will not only need to rely on stimulus plans but just as much on businesses agreeing to cooperate and creating and implementing mutually beneficial norms. More concretely, this means changing the cultural paradigm: economic actors should no longer consider themselves as “an empire within an empire”. It is imperative that businesses understand that they are part of an interdependent whole that is built on the same foundations. In other words: businesses have to adapt to operating in efficient ecosystems if they want to ensure growth.