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Accounts Receivable 

8 Management Strategies to Make Your Process Best-in-Class

The impact of accounts receivable (AR) on business success is unquestionable. Not only is it one of an organisation’s largest assets, it deals directly with a different type of asset that doesn’t show up on the balance sheet — customers. So why then, do so many organizations still run their AR processes like it’s the mid-90s? One recent study found that 50% of all businesses still use manual processes for managing their receivables.

Fortunately, as this eBook will explore, the reason for AR’s stasis isn’t an unsolvable problem; on the contrary, the strategies for overcoming these challenges are as simple as they are sensible, and any business can do them.

  • What's at Stake?
  • Pushing for E-invoicing 
  • Optimise Productivity 
  • Root-cause Analysis
  • Going beyond DSO

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