5 Accounts Payable KPIs Worth Tracking

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) act as a compass for making informed, strategic business decisions and measuring company success. Are you tracking the right ones?



What’s in the eBook?

KPIs are a simple and effective way to measure company performance and make sure every touch point in your accounts payable (AP) process is optimised and every user is held accountable. And if you’re tracking the wrong metrics, you may not be getting an accurate picture of your AP process and miss out on opportunities to maximise efficiency.

But have no fear! This eBook lays out the top five KPIs that every AP team should be tracking to boost productivity and profitability, and how an AI-driven solution can help gather vital data such as:

How much you’re paying to process a single invoice & how to mitigate those costs

The time it takes to process a single invoice & how to optimise workflow efficiency

The amount of time wasted on invoice exceptions due to non-standardised processes

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