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Harnessing the Power of Accounts Payable Automation 

Even in Complex, Multi-ERP Environments

In today’s highly competitive business environment, many organizations are expanding through mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Unfortunately, success comes at a cost. Growth via M&A activity often involves absorbing disparate ERP applications, which, over time, can create significant inefficiencies — particularly in the accounts payable (AP) department. The good news is, AP automation is emerging as an end-to-end solution that forward-thinking organizations can use to eliminate AP-related silos and maximize their market potential.
Businesses with a complex ERP environment have several choices when it comes to AP automation solutions.
This white paper is intended to assist AP and finance leaders, along with ERP system administrators, in evaluating their options, simplifying the decision-making process, and getting the absolute most out of their AP automation investment.
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